Kids Play Foundation

We are proud to announce that LYFTLYFE has partnered with the KIDS PLAY FOUNDATION (founded by Kal Dosanjh) to lead our future leaders onto the right path. We feel the future of our children is imperative and aligns with the core values of LYFTLYFE. The KIDS PLAY FOUNDATION aims to steer our youth in the right direction, away from gang activity & drugs. Extra-curricular activity such as sport & exercise is essential in this process as it advocates good health, supplies good role models and helps our youth bond with their local community.

Kal Dosanjh supports and welcomes local businesses such as LYFTLYFE because he knows when you buy local, profits circle back into our local Canadian economy and through taxation. These taxes strengthen our municipal government and directly improves our communities. These improved communities provide a better environment for our youth. For example, there is the opportunity for increased funding towards after-school programs and events. This is how we can all do our part to improve the future of our children. Our promise to you is that the quality of LYFTLYFE will be just as good if not better than the multinational corporate brands available, whom of which do not give back to our communities. Let us all do our part in buying local and supporting our community, if not for ourselves, for the sake of our children and future leaders of our communities!