Dominate Adversity Men's Gym Shorts From LYFTLYFE

Discover the perfect blend of style and performance with LYFTLYFE's collection of men's gym shorts. 

Designed to meet the demands of your active lifestyle, our shorts provide comfort, functionality, and a touch of urban-inspired flair. Explore our selection and find the perfect pair to elevate your workout wardrobe.

LYFT Performance Sport Shorts

Take your performance to the next level with our LYFT Performance Sport Shorts. 

Made from a high-performance cotton blend, these shorts offer the perfect combination of comfort, flexibility, and style.

 The integrated stretch waistband with drawstrings ensures a secure fit, while the four pockets provide ample storage space. 

The 3D rubberized LL logo on the right thigh adds a touch of urban sophistication. 

Whether you're hitting the gym or running errands, these shorts are designed to keep you comfortable and stylish all day long. 

Pair them with our Men's Contour Tee for a complete look that will turn heads.

Breathe Workout Shorts

Stay cool and comfortable during your high-intensity workouts with our Breathe Workout Shorts. 

Made from a high-performance lightweight material blend, these shorts are designed to keep you feeling like you're wearing nothing at all. 

The high waist style provides both comfort and a great appearance, while the stretch waistband with drawstrings ensures a secure fit. The side-paneling offers coverage and breathability, while the moisture-wicking and cooling properties keep you dry and comfortable. 

The performance-enhancing high-cut design on the side of the leg adds a touch of style. Complete with the 3D rubberized LYFTLYFE logo on the left thigh, these shorts are perfect for your most intense training sessions.

The Ultimate in Training Shorts for Men

Experience the ultimate in training shorts with our collection of men's shorts that are designed to take your performance to the next level. 

Crafted with careful attention to detail, these shorts are built to withstand the most intense workouts. 

From the fabric to the design, every aspect is of the highest quality. 

The sleek and modern design, complete with the distinctive LYFTLYFE logo, exudes confidence and style. When you choose our training shorts, you choose performance excellence, impeccable style, and unmatched comfort. 

Discover the perfect shorts for your active lifestyle and unleash your full potential with LYFTLYFE. Embrace the LYFTLYFE revolution today and experience activewear like never before.

FAQs About Gym Shorts

What are the best types of shorts for the gym?

LYFT Men's Shorts are our ideal gym shorts. These high-performance cotton blend shorts are the best of the best for the gym. They feature an integrated stretch waistband with drawstrings, multiple pockets, a rubberized logo, and a cotton/polyester/elastane fabric blend that provides comfort, performance, and style all in one. The fitted, athletic cut and moisture-wicking fabric make them excellent for any gym activity.

Mesh shorts - These lightweight, breathable shorts made of mesh polyester or nylon material provide ventilation to keep you cool during intense workouts. Mesh gym shorts are great for cardio and weightlifting.

Compression shorts - Compression shorts provide muscle support and stabilization during exercise. Their stretchy, sweat-wicking fabric makes them good for running, cycling, and high-intensity training.

Loose shorts - Baggy athletic shorts allow a full range of motion and airflow. Loose gym shorts work well for mobility-focused exercises like squats, lunges, and deadlifts.

Is it OK to wear gym shorts in public?

It's generally acceptable to wear gym shorts in public in most settings, with a few caveats:

  • Consider the length – Very short shorts may not be appropriate in some public settings like restaurants or places of worship. Mid-thigh length is usually a safe bet.

  • Note the fit – Baggy athletic shorts are fine, but anything overly tight or revealing is best reserved for the gym.

  • Don’t neglect your shorts – Gym shorts that are frayed, torn or look overly worn are not ideal for running errands. Opt for shorts in decent condition.

  • Mind the activity – Gym shorts at the park or beach make sense, but may look out of place at a fancy dinner. Take the setting into account.

With a little common sense, gym shorts can certainly be worn in many public settings. The most important factors are ensuring they are neat, modest, and context-appropriate for the situation. When in doubt, change into less casual attire.

How long should gym shorts be for men?

Here are some general guidelines for how long gym shorts should be for men:

  • 5-7 inch inseam - This is a common and versatile gym short length that falls mid-thigh. It allows for a good range of motion while covering adequately. A five to seven-inch inseam works well for most gym activities.

  • 1-4 inch inseam - Shorter shorts with just a 1-4 inch inseam offer greater airflow and freedom of movement but less coverage. They can be worn for basketball, running, or high exertion exercise provided they fit loosely.

  • 7-9 inch inseam - Longer 7-9 inch shorts provide more coverage if that's a priority. The extra length is also good for reducing chafing during endurance training.