About Us



We are a lifestyle and fitness clothing line that specializes in active wear. At LYFTLYFE™ all our garments are inspired by Canadians who live a driven lifestyle. We are more than just a clothing line, our name reflects a way of life. Through our objective is to bring awareness to humanitarianism through sport.

We believe in creating a platform for people to uplift, motivate and inspire one another through kind acts hence the meaning of our brand name, LYFTLYFE. Our brand name is a homograph, and has two meanings. The first meaning is to lift a person's spirit and to provide them with a sense of drive and ambition. The other meaning of our brand is that when you represent LYFTLYFE by wearing our clothing, you are representing an active lifestyle of lifting weights, which includes practising a healthy regimen and setting goals in bodybuilding, Cross Fit and /or power lifting. LYFTLYFE is for those who are dedicated, driven and ambitious from the moment they get up in the morning to when they fall asleep at night. LYFTLYFE is for those who know they can push the limits and succeed. 


We go the extra distance in the production of our garments. At LYFTLYFE™ we carefully research the threads that we select which is then woven into a material that will be used for our fabric. Staying current and innovative is very important in creating the perfect cut for our consumer. After the material has been cut it is then placed on a production line. When our garment has been assembled it undergoes a series of inspections before it is ready to be tagged and bagged.