5 Ways to Style Your Gym Stringers for a Casual Day Out

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Having a good fashion sense is key when learning how to wear gym stringers for a casual look outside the gym. While gym stringers are designed for working out, with the right styling, you can take your stringers from the yoga studio to Sunday brunch. However, finding the right outfit isn’t always easy, but with a few simple wardrobe hacks you’ll be able to transform your workout clothes into fashionable gym wear.

Give Your Stringer a Laidback Vibe By Pairing With Denim

Gym stringers for both men and women are versatile when it comes to style. One effortless way to style gym stringers for casual daytime wear is by pairing them with denim. Whether you opt for a vintage denim jacket or your favorite jeans, denim helps create a laidback look perfect for when you wear stringers outside the gym.

Jean jackets add a stylish layer that instantly makes gym stringers appropriate for a casual outing. An oversized denim jacket contributes a nonchalant, street-ready look over a basic stringer tank or tee. For contrast, try wearing a white stringer under a classic blue jean jacket. Denim jackets also conveniently cover shoulders and arms for chillier weather while still keeping your sporty stringer visible.

Cuffing relaxed-fit jeans and showing off a brightly-colored stringer on top is another go-to option. Rolled jeans can display trendy sneakers and create an athletic-inspired style. Distressed denim cutoffs also complement the sporty, casual aesthetic of gym stringers.

Create an Effortless Casual Daytime Look By Layering Over Gym Stringers

Layering lightweight cover-ups over gym stringers is an easy way to create fashionable, casual daytime looks outside the gym. Flowy kimonos and open shirts complement the athletic staple while adding polish.

Kimono-style tops are the easiest way to dress up basic stringers for going out. Soft, flowy fabric and lively patterns can take your gym wear to the streets. A kimono's sleeves cover shoulders and arms for cooler weather while showing off your favorite stringer. Both short and long kimonos pair well with stringers of all cuts.

Oversized button-down shirts also layer perfectly over gym stringers. An open flannel or denim shirt contributes a relaxed vibe. An unbuttoned shirt over a plain stringer and shorts helps create a relaxed, yet fashionable, look. Or tie your shirt around your waist to display your stringer.

Show Off Your Feminine Side By Styling Gym Stringers With Skirts

Pairing gym stringers with skirts allows you to show off your feminine side for daytime wear. Mini skirts and maxi skirts both complement your athletic top and can be either relaxed or fashion-forward depending on how you style them.

For a fun and casual vibe, mix a bright stringer with a high-waisted mini skirt in a lively pattern or leather fabric. Tuck the stringer into the mini to accentuate your waist. Pair with boots or wedges for walking around town. The stringer / mini-skirt duo is both cute and edgy.

Maxi skirts lend an effortless polish to basic stringers. A form-fitting tank stringer tucked into a flowy maxi skirt makes a chic contrast for casual days. The skirt helps accentuate the athletic silhouette. Just add sandals and a crossbody for a breezy look.

Mix Up Your Style By Pairing with Streetwear Bottoms

Streetwear bottoms like joggers, track pants, and bike shorts mix perfectly with basic gym stringers for an exciting and casual style outside the gym. These sporty bottoms complement the athletic vibe of stringers.

Joggers create an elevated athletic look paired with stringers. Complete this look with clean sneakers for errands or lunch. Or, you can go bold with graphic print joggers and a plain stringer for an eye-catching streetwear outfit.

Track pants also match seamlessly with stringers. Sporty nylon track pants lend a retro vibe, while stringers provide a modern edge. Keep it graphic with striped track pants and an abstract stringer design.

Pull Your Look Together With Fun Accessories

Accessories like hats, bags, shoes, and jewelry pull together gym stringer outfits into complete casual daytime looks. Hats add a sporty flair while protecting your eyes outside the gym. A baseball cap can help focus more on your stringers' athletic vibe. Meanwhile, a handbag, such as a crossbody bag in a bold print, can dress up a plain stringer. Leather backpacks and fanny packs can also help give off a street-ready edge.

Another accessory that can help put the finishing touches on your look is jewelry. Delicate necklaces, chokers, hoops, stacks of bangles, and rings add pretty feminine details. Or go bold with layered gold chains for a look that has more attitude.

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