How To Fold Gym Shorts: Keeping Your Gear Neat and Tidy

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When it comes to crafting an organized and clutter-free activewear wardrobe, proper storage is key. However, finding the best techniques to neatly fold essentials like basketball and bike shorts can often prove tricky.

At LYFTLYFE, we know that comfort, versatility, and functionality should extend beyond just wearing your gear to properly caring for it as well. That's why we've put together this quick guide on the art of folding both gym shorts and other types of shorts to save maximum space while keeping them neat and ready for your next intense hooping sesh or cycling sprint.

Why Should You Fold Your Basketball Shorts?

Folding your basketball shorts isn't just about keeping your gym bag tidy. Taking the time to properly fold them prevents wrinkles from setting in, retains the shape of the shorts, and can help them last longer and keep a better fit.

Folding also takes up much less space compared to loosely stuffing them into a crammed sports bag.

With the custom, high-quality athletic shorts LYFTLYFE offers, you want to make sure you’re getting the most out of their comfort and versatility by folding them with care.

Step By Step Instructions

How to Fold Athletic Shorts:

  1. Lay the shorts out flat on a table or bed. Make sure both legs are fully extended and any wrinkles are smoothed.
  2. Tie the drawstring neatly into a bow or knot. This keeps them secured and prevents the string from dangling loose.
  3. Fold the shorts in half lengthwise so the waistband meets the bottom hems. Smooth with your hands.
  4. Tuck in the crotch area so it aligns cleanly when folded over.
  5. Fold the shorts in half again widthwise. Continue smoothing out fabric and creases.

How to Fold Bike Shorts With Padding

With the right approach, you can safeguard the padding from undesirable creases and shape loss. Here's how you can ace this task:

  1. Start with a smooth canvas: Lay your bike shorts flat, letting the padding side face down. This is your first step in preserving the padding's shape and performance.
  2. Fold into thirds: Begin by folding the shorts in thirds. Bring the waistband down to meet the crotch edge in an elegant fold. Repeat this step, ensuring that the hem now meets the waistband.
  3. Wrap it up with care: To wrap up the process, fold the shorts in half lengthwise. This step has the padding snugly nestled inside, protecting its shape from any harm. Give it a final gentle smoothing with your hands to perfect your fold.

With these steps, you can transform the task of folding padded bike shorts into an effortless routine.

FAQs About Folding Shorts

Is it better to roll or fold shorts for travel?

When it comes to shorts, particularly those crafted with LYFTLYFE's signature breathable fabrics, folding is typically the way to go.

Why? Folding helps maintain the shape and integrity of your shorts, safeguarding them from wrinkles, creases, fabric shrinkage, and a reduced lifespan.

Plus, folding them according to our guide ensures a neat and compact shape, perfect for maximizing suitcase real estate. So, when you're jetting off for your next adventure, remember: fold, don't roll. Safe travels!

How do you organize shorts in a closet?

Organizing your shorts in a closet can be done effectively using a variety of methods:

Use Dividers: Shelf dividers can help keep your shorts from getting mixed up with other items. Simply fold and stack your shorts, then use the dividers to designate specific areas for each pair.

Hanging Storage: Another great option is to use special hangers that are designed to hold multiple pairs of shorts. This optimizes vertical space in the closet and makes it easy to find the pair you want.

Drawer Organizers: If you have a drawer available, consider using drawer organizers. With compartments to separate each pair, this tool ensures your shorts stay neatly folded and easy to access.

Final Thoughts

Taking those few extra minutes to properly fold activewear like basketball and bike shorts pays dividends when it comes to keeping your athletic wardrobe organized.

The custom breathable fabrics and comfortable construction of LYFTLYFE’s shorts are designed for versatility no matter your training needs. Show them some TLC by folding them with care to retain their integrity.

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