Achieve Cozy Comfort: How to Wear Athleisure with Layers for Warmth

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As the seasons change and temperatures drop, we often face a wardrobe dilemma: how to stay warm without sacrificing style. It's a problem that arrives with each shift in weather, from hot summer days to frigid winters. While the trend of athleisure is typically reserved for sunny outings, by using a few simple layering tricks, you can wear athleisure with layers for warmth

What Are the Athleisure Layering Essentials?

Start off with a form-fitting base, like leggings or long-sleeve thermal shirts, as these combine both style and comfort. Then, add another layer which could be either your favorite sweatshirt or hoodie. When choosing your fall and winter outfit, try to select clothes that emphasize fabrics such as merino wool, fleece, polyester, or nylon as they help regulate body temperature and keep you warm when combined with each other. 

Polyester, in particular, makes for a great base layer when optimizing your athleisure outfit for warmth. When used as a mid-layer or a lining material, it can also help retain some heat as well. LYFTLYFE’s essential men’s long sleeve t-shirt utilizes moisture-wicking technology to help you transition from active to leisure by keeping sweat away from your skin. 

How to Layer Athleisure for Winter

  1. Start with a versatile base layer
  2. Add a mid-layer that keeps you warm and insulated
  3. Accessorize with puffer jackets, beanies, and scarves
  4. Strategize around moisture-wicking base layers and fleece outer layers
  5. Tailor your outfit to the weather and your expected activity levels

Your fall and winter athleisure outfits should continue to be an extension of yourself. While you should prioritize functionality; the designs and colors you choose are where you can let your clothes express yourself. 

A guy is wearing LYFTLYFE elite hoodie in sand color with a jean jacket on top.

Transitioning Athleisure Outfits from Fall to Winter

Going from fall to winter can be difficult with athleisure as it’s easy to fall into one of two areas: too hot or too cold. As you head into winter, try to keep your base layer in mind. Thermal shirts and leggings are perfect for cold-weather athleisure wear as they can keep the body relatively warm without a jacket. Your outfit’s outer layer should also be versatile and easy to take off or put on as the situation requires. 
LYFTLYFE’s zip-ups and sleeveless hoodies pair well with any athleisure fall outfit as they use stretch materials that can help emphasize form and comfort. These outer layers not only help transition between seasons but also from the gym to your daily life as they use anti-bacterial technology to reduce odors and sweat. 


Creating an outfit that combines your style needs with comfort can be a challenge. This is an even greater challenge when it comes to athleisure and trying to find which clothes can also keep up with your athletic performance. 
 LYFTLYFE clothing is designed to meet your needs both inside and outside the gym. When wearing athleisure with layers for warmth, LYFTLYFE offers a diverse range of clothing with quality materials that keep you cool or warm whenever you need to be. 

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