How To Wash Hoodies Without Shrinking And Keep Them Soft

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Hoodies are an essential component of most wardrobes, adored for their comfortable and cozy fabric. 

Ideal for relaxing or running errands, hoodies can, however, shrink if improperly laundered. Fear not, though! There are precautions you can adopt to protect your hoodies, including our LYFTLYFE sleeveless hoodies, from compromising their shape and texture.

Understanding the Consequences of Improper Hoodie Care

Improper washing of hoodies can cause the fibers to tighten, which can lead to the garment shrinking. Additionally, hoodies that are not washed correctly may become misshapen, faded, or lose their softness. 

This is because the wrong washing techniques can damage the fabric of the hoodie. For example, washing a hoodie in hot water can cause the fabric to shrink. 

Additionally, using too much detergent can also damage the fabric and cause the hoodie to lose its softness. To avoid these problems, it is important to wash hoodies according to the care instructions on the label.

Ensuring you are washing your LYFTLYFE hoodies correctly is fundamental to maintaining your preferred fit and retaining a flexible, smooth fabric. Proper care can extend the lifespan of your hoodies, ensuring continued enjoyment through numerous activities and lounging sessions.

Steps to Extend Hoodie Life and Protect from Shrinking

The below guidelines take you through best practices for preserving the size and integrity of your hoodies from the first to the last wash:

Adhere to Care Label Instructions

Each LYFTLYFE hoodie is accompanied by a tag with care instructions, guiding you on how to best keep your garment in peak condition as per the instructions. Following these guidelines can lead to optimal results.

Pay attention to directions on wash temperature, drying process, and bleach usage. Check for symbol-associated indications for washing methods as well.

For your reference, here are some common laundry care symbols and their meanings:

  • Washing: This symbol represents a bucket with water. The number inside the bucket indicates the maximum water temperature that you should use to wash your garment.
  • Drying: This symbol represents a square with a triangle inside. The number inside the triangle indicates the maximum drying temperature that you should use for your garment.
  • Ironing: This symbol represents an iron with dots inside. The number of dots indicates the heat setting that you should use for your garment.
  • Bleaching: This symbol represents a triangle with a line through it. This symbol means that you should not bleach your garment.
  • Dry cleaning: This symbol represents a circle with a capital "P" inside. This symbol means that your garment can be dry cleaned.

Opt for the Correct Detergent

Steer clear of using detergents containing bleach or fabric softeners that could lead to garment shrinkage. A mild, bleach-free liquid laundry detergent is your ideal choice.

Consider applying stain remover or degreasing dish soap for pre-washing stain treatment to lift unwanted marks without the threat of harsh chemicals.

Choose The Appropriate Water Temperature

Washing your hoodies in cold water is better for both your hoodies and the environment. Hot water can cause the fibers in your hoodies to shrink, while cold water helps to keep the colors from fading. Additionally, using cold water uses less energy than using hot water, which is better for the environment.

Set a Suitable Cycle

Selecting a gentle cycle, such as delicate or permanent press, can provide the least amount of agitation, safeguarding your hoodies from potential damage.

Turning hoodies inside-out can add further protection during washing, reducing fabric abrasion. Avoid overloading the washing machine, which can contribute to excess wrinkling and misshaping.

Dry Accordingly

Leaving your hoodie to air dry by either laying it flat or hanging it up is recommended. This allows the fabric to dry naturally without heat exposure. Ensure you smooth out the fabric when setting it up to dry.

If using a machine dryer is necessary, opt for the lowest heat setting possible and remove it immediately to prevent over-drying.

Hand Washing LYFTLYFE Hoodies

Should your hoodie already be shrunken or created from delicate fabric like wool, hand washing would be the most suitable approach.

Fill your sink or tub with cool water and a small amount of mild detergent. Allow your hoodie to soak for several minutes, then lightly wash by hand. Avoid any wringing, twisting, or vigorous scrubbing.

Rinse thoroughly until all soap residue has been washed away. Roll the hoodie in a towel to absorb excess moisture, then lay it perfectly flat to completely air dry.

Correctly Drying Hoodies

Successful drying is essential in protecting hoodies from shrinking. Here are some pointers on how to retain their original size while drying.

Appropriate Dryer Settings

Lowest heat settings should always be used where necessary, following the care tag directions, or better yet, no heat at all. Using an air dry cycle that blows air without heat can safely dry your hoodies.

If heat is indeed necessary, use the delicate or permanent press cycle to avoid over-drying using moderate heat levels. Adding a couple of clean tennis balls can reduce lint build-up and minimize wrinkling or bunching.


By adopting intelligent washing and drying practices, you can retain that brand-new look and feel of your LYFTLYFE hoodies for an extended period. Additionally, it’s a good idea to own enough hoodies so you don’t need to put them through the wash as often.

Follow tag instructions, use gentle wash cycles with cold water, limit high heat drying, and air dry where possible. Investing that extra care will ensure you continue to enjoy your favorite LYFTLYFE hoodies time and time again.

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