Do Gym Stringers Need Special Care? Here's What You Need to Know

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Gym stringers have become a staple in many workout wardrobes. With their minimalist yet stylish design, they offer the perfect blend of comfort, breathability, and style. 

LYFTLYFE stringers embody an active, urban-inspired look. But to keep them performing their best, it’s a good idea to treat them with due care to make them last.

Why Choose LYFTLYFE Stringers?

Stringers are designed for freedom of movement and breathability during exercise. The thin, stretchy material hugs the body and won't restrict your range of motion during presses, pulls, and other strength training moves.

The open sides allow maximum airflow to keep you cool and dry during cardio or HIIT workouts. Stringers are also very lightweight, so you won't overheat like you might in a thick cotton t-shirt.

For many workout enthusiasts, stringers have become a way to express their active lifestyle. The unique cuts and designs go great with athletic shorts or leggings for the gym or outdoor activities.

But, even the best gym stringer won’t last very long without some care. With a little effort, though, your stringers will look and feel great for years to come.

Reasons Why You Should Show Your Gym Stringers Special Care

They Take a Lot of Abuse

During exercise, stringers are put through a lot. The stretchy fabric is pulled taut across your shoulders, back, and chest as you move. Over time, this can cause the material to wear out or lose its shape.

Sweat and body oils can also break down the performance fibers if not washed out properly. So don't treat your stringers like a regular t-shirt that can be worn a few times between washes.

They Absorb Sweat

Performance fibers absorb moisture. Leaving sweat soaked into a stringer creates an optimal environment for odor and bacteria to grow.

To avoid smells and extend the life of your gym stringer, it's best to wash them after every wear. This helps remove the sweat and salt that would otherwise build up over time.

They Can Become Dirty Easily

Between sweat, body oils, and contact with workout equipment, stringers pick up dirt, grime, and germs easily. Leaving these on the material and putting it back on could potentially lead to skin irritation or acne breakouts.

Following a thorough wash routine keeps your stringers fresh, soft, and ready for even your toughest gym sessions.

Taking Care of Your Gym Stringers

Wash Them After Every Wear

As mentioned, washing your stringers after each use is the number one care tip to remember. Use a mild detergent and cold or warm water setting. Hot water can damage the technical fabrics over time.

Turn them inside out to protect graphics and prevent pilling. Rinse thoroughly and avoid using fabric softener, as it can affect wicking performance.

Hang Them to Dry

Tumble drying can break down the stretchy fibers, causing your stringers to lose their shape. It's best to hang them or lay them flat to dry. This preserves the fit and prevents shrinkage issues.

You can speed up drying time by hanging it in front of a fan. Just make sure to avoid direct heat like radiators or sunlight, which could also damage the material.

Store Them Properly

When not in use, don't ball up or stuff your stringers in a drawer. Fold them neatly or hang to maintain the shape.

If you have a lot, consider using breathable garment bags to protect them from dust and overhead items that could snag the fabric.

How to Wash High-Performance Activewear

Activewear made from performance fabrics requires a bit more attention when it comes to laundering. Here are some tips for cleaning your gym clothes properly:

Soak and Rinse

Letting clothes soak helps release dried sweat and odor from fibers. Rinsing before washing removes excess dirt that could stain.

Sort and Turn Clothes Inside Out

Group activewear together but away from towels or cotton which can pick up lint. Inside out prevents pilling and protects graphics.

Add the Correct Detergent

Look for activewear detergents or one formulated for technical fabrics. Avoid regular detergents with bleach, enzymes, or brighteners.

Set the Washing Machine Cycle

Always opt for a gentle, cold wash cycle when cleaning LYFTLYFE activewear. Higher temperatures can diminish the fabric's mechanical stretch and recovery.

Overloading the machine creates excess friction which can pull and damage the technical material. Wash in smaller loads to allow clothes to move freely.

Gently cleansing preserves the shape, wicking ability, and compression of LYFTLYFE’s exclusive performance fabrics. Treat your athletic wear with care so it maintains the elite edge that got you repping our brand.


How often should you wash gym stringers?

For best results, wash your stringers after every wear. Sweat and oils can easily soak into the fabric. Washing frequently prevents odor and deterioration from your body’s natural residue.

Can you put stringers in the dryer?

Air drying is best to prevent shrinkage and damage. Lay flat or hang up, using a fan to speed up drying time if needed. Avoid direct heat sources.

What is the best way to store gym stringers?

Neatly folded or hung up to retain shape. Garment bags also work well for protecting multiple stringers from dust and damage. Avoid balled up in drawers.

What temperature should you wash stringers?

Use cold water settings, avoiding hot water which can break down technical fabrics over time. Detergents made for activewear also help clean effectively in cool water.

Taking a little extra care extends the life of your favorite gym stringers. Follow these cleaning, drying, and storage tips to keep them performing and looking their best workout after workout.

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