Mental Mondays-What do you want this week

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Mondays... A full tank of aspirations. Don't just contemplate them. Light them on fire. Know the forces that pull you, the desires that move you, the goals that propel you forward. 
What are your WANTS this week? Declare them. Go get 'em.


The lactic acid burning, the ache beneath the rib cage, the sharp kick towards your edges. Those last reps, the grunts, the screams. Pain is transformation, proof you're alive.


Sensory love, a dip in cold water or a steam room. Pleasure, the anti-numbness. The reward for a body that earned it.


Unleash the beast within you. Feel the blood pumping in your veins. Pulse with life's rhythm. A raging beat or a champion's anthem? You don't have to choose.


Listen to your strength, your breath, your heart. Take in every moment while the world swirls frantically around you. Calm is strength under control. Be the eye of your storm.


In Sun Tzu's The Art of War, the author says, "in the midst of chaos, you find opportunity." Embrace the void, the madness, and disrupt everything. Roars or whispers? Roaring whispers!


Bathe in forgiveness and the luxury of self-compassion. Warriors feast between battles. When you know when to go, you know when to stop. Extend or unwind? You can have both. 


This week, carve your path with an open heart and a strong mind. Select your wants, and share them with everyone.

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