Steps to Secure a Free Gym Pass

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With rising inflation and increasing expenses, people everywhere are trying to save on costs, and gym memberships are often the first to go. However, you don’t need to sacrifice your health to save money.

Many gyms offer special promotional deals that can help you secure a complimentary gym pass near your location. To see how you can take advantage of these special deals and get a great gym workout, continue reading below. 

Which Leading Gyms Offer Free Trial Periods?

Finding a gym that’s free of charge isn’t hard. In fact, many of the biggest gyms let potential members try out their fitness centers for free. Some of these gyms include:

  1. Anytime Fitness (7-day trial period)
  2. Planet Fitness (1-day trial period every 90 days)
  3. YMCA (7-day trial period)
  4. LA Fitness (3-day trial period)
  5. Gold Gym (7-day trial period)

How to Obtain a Free Trial at Leading Local Gyms

Getting a free pass for a gym can be as easy as visiting the gym’s website and signing up. Or, you can also visit one of the brand's locations closest to your home and speak with a representative about all the details. 
When signing up for a free trial period, it is important to understand the cancellation details. Many gyms have different cancellation policies that can include a variety of steps. Understanding how you can quit a gym membership before you sign up can save you time in the future if you decide that a particular gym isn’t for you. 

How to Negotiate Lower Gym Prices

  1. Ask about any deals and discounts
  2. Be familiar with previous promotions
  3. Pay upfront
  4. Have a flexible schedule
  5. Don’t be afraid to walk away

If you followed the steps to secure a complimentary gym pass and still can’t get one or have reached the end of your trial period, you can still get a better deal on your overall gym membership. Many gyms offer discounts for veterans, students, and other professions. Gyms also offer deals early in the year when people are making New Year’s resolutions.

Additionally, the gyms in your area could offer promotions throughout the year. Even if you just missed one, you can still ask and see if the gym is willing to extend the benefits when signing up. You can also get a better deal on your gym workout by paying for 3-12 months in advance or in cash. The bigger the upfront money becomes, the harder it becomes to ignore. Use this to your advantage.

One of the easiest ways to get a lower gym membership is to be flexible with your schedule. Offering to come in only during slow hours/days can be how you negotiate a better price. This tactic typically works better with smaller and more local gyms. Ultimately, the best way to negotiate is to be prepared to leave the table. If the price is not to your liking, find another place that is willing to work with you.

Can Health Insurance Help Get a Lower Gym Membership Rate?

Depending on your health insurance provider, many offer partial or full discounts when it comes to gym membership. However, this can also depend on many factors. Some set up specific gym milestones or require that you visit a gym a certain amount of time each week. They can also be particular about which gym you go to. Speak with your health insurance provider and see what they provide as some go beyond gym  and can offer discounts on services such as nutrition specialists and health monitors. 

What to Do if You Can’t Afford the Gym

If you still can’t find a gym membership that meets your price point, there are still a number of ways you can have a great home workout with no equipment required. A simple H.I.I.T. routine or some calisthenic exercises, like push-ups or lunges, combined with stretching can help you reach your fitness goals.

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Signing up for a complimentary gym pass doesn’t need to be a difficult endeavor. From speaking with your local gym representative to doing a little bit of negotiation, you can still stay in shape without breaking the bank. 

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