What Size Hoodie Should I Get? Finding the Perfect Fit for Ultimate Comfort

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Are you tired of rockin’ hoodies that are either too tight and restrict your range of motion or too baggy and get in the way? We feel you. At LYFTLYFE, we know how important it is to find that perfect sleeveless hoodie fit for peak performance.

In this blog post, we’ll guide you on how to find your ideal LYFTLYFE hoodie size for unmatched comfort, style, and function. Let’s get into it.

What’s the Right Fit?

When selecting a hoodie, you want one that is form-fitting without being too tight. The hoodie should skim your body without clinging to it or gaping open. A well-fitted hoodie will move with you without restriction.

Aim for a hoodie that sits at the hip and isn't overly long or short. The sleeves should come to your wrists without extending far beyond or stopping short. Ultimately, comfort is key - if it doesn't feel good on, it's not the right size.

Factors Affecting Hoodie Fit

Several factors impact how a hoodie will fit, including:

  • Body Type - Hoodies fit differently on petite, tall, curvy, or athletic builds. Consider your individual proportions.
  • Fabric - Stretchy fabrics like cotton blends have more give and flexibility of fit than stiff fabrics like fleece.
  • Brand Sizing - Sizing varies across brands, so check size charts. A medium in one brand may fit like a small or large in another.
  • Shrinkage - Pre-shrunk cotton hoodies will have minimal shrinkage. Unwashed cotton may shrink up to 5% when laundered.
  • Wear over layers - Hoodies meant to layer over other tops may run looser than fitted styles.
  • Activity - Hoodies for working out should offer a full range of motion without impeding movement.

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Measurement Tips

Follow these tips when measuring to find your ideal hoodie size:


Wrap a soft tape measure around your chest, under your arms and across the fullest part of your chest. Refer to the brand's size chart and choose a size that matches your chest measurement.

Arm Length

Measure from the center of your neck down to your wrist bone for arm length. Choose a hoodie with a sleeve length that is slightly longer than this measurement for the best fit.

Hoodie Length

Measure from the base of your neck down to where you want the bottom hem to hit. Hoodie lengths vary from hip to mid-thigh. LYFTLYFE hoodies and sleeveless hoodies should extend to the hip but not much more. Anything below that isn’t ideal for the performance focus that we always seek to build into our products.


Measure around your upper arm to get your bicep circumference. Pick a hoodie with a slightly larger sleeve width than your arm measurement for comfort. Alternatively, and if it fits your needs, you can go with a sleeveless hoodie and you won’t have to worry about this measurement.

Different Types of Hoodies

Hoodie styles have an impact on fit. Ideally, you’d own enough hoodies to have one for every occasion. But if you can only purchase a limited number of hoodies, consider these popular options:

Sleeveless Hoodies

Sleeveless hoodies offer a greater range of motion for your arms without fabric bunching at the elbows. They’re the preferred hoodie type for an outdoor workout.

Go with your chest size for a fitted look or size up for a looser fit.

Full-Zip Hoodies

Full-zip front hoodies are adjustable and easier to get on and off. Size these based on your chest measurement for a tailored fit.

Full-zip hoodies offer the benefit of being very versatile — you can wear them open over a t-shirt for a casual look, or zipped up for warmth. They're also great for layering, giving you the flexibility to adjust your outfit according to the weather.

Pullover Hoodies

Pullover hoodies are a classic, casual style. They usually have a loose, relaxed fit making them perfect for lounging around. When choosing a size, keep in mind that they tend to be slightly roomier, so if you prefer a snug fit, you might want to size down.

Pullover hoodies are great for a laid-back, comfortable style, and are often made from soft, warm materials for maximum coziness. They're perfect for a lazy day at home or a casual outing with friends.

Pullovers have no front placket or zipper, so they need to be large enough to go over your chest and shoulders. Size up if you have a large chest or broad shoulders.

Lightweight Hoodies

Thinner hoodies like patches and half-zips cling closer to the body. Choose your normal shirt size for a relaxed but neat fit.


Finding your perfect hoodie is all about understanding sizing and fit. Measure your key dimensions, consider design factors, check brand size charts, and above all - focus on comfort. With this guidance, you can confidently select hoodies with a fantastic custom fit.

The right hoodie has the power to become your absolute favorite article of clothing. Follow these tips, and you’ll be lounging, working out, and relaxing in total comfort.

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