How to Shorten the Straps on a Tank Top: An Easy Guide

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At LYFTLYFE, we understand the frustration of tank top straps that are constantly slipping off your shoulders. 

As a premium activewear brand that uses only the highest quality fabrics, we want to ensure you get the perfect fit to complement your active lifestyle. Follow our simple guide below to shorten your tank top straps and keep them securely in place during any activity.

Don't Shorten Straps If Possible

At LYFTLYFE, our first recommendation is to not shorten the straps if possible. All of our tank tops and high-performance gym stringers are designed for maximum comfort and performance right out of the package. The straps are intentionally designed to allow full mobility without digging into shoulders.

We understand fit preferences vary, but we actually do not recommend shortening the straps yourself. Instead, we suggest exchanging your tank top for the proper size that will provide a comfortable strap length for your body type.

Our customer service team is happy to assist with returns and exchanges to find the perfect size tank top with strap length that works for you. Simply reach out and we'll get your tank top issues resolved right away!

However, we understand that body types and preferences vary. If you find the straps are simply too long no matter how much you adjust them, then strap alteration may be necessary.

What You'll Need

To shorten your tank top straps you'll need just a few supplies:

  • Sewing pins
  • Scissors
  • Matching thread
  • Hand-sewing needle or sewing machine

Make sure you have the right color thread to match your tank top. At LYFTLYFE, we use premium technical fabrics designed for activewear. Be sure to use sewing needles appropriate for your fabric type.

First, Try on the Tank Top and Measure the Straps

Put on the tank top and adjust the straps to your desired length. Make sure the strap length feels comfortable and allows full mobility for your arms.

Once you find the perfect length, use straight sewing pins to mark the new strap length on each side. Remove the tank top and set it aside.

Mark the New Strap Length with Pins

Lay the tank top flat and use your sewing pins to mark the new shortened strap length on both sides. Placing pins perpendicular to the straps will make it easier to cut the excess fabric off.

Remove Excess Fabric from the Straps

Now carefully cut the fabric above the pins on each strap using sharp scissors. Cut slowly and be cautious not to snip the strap too short accidentally.

Once cut, remove the pins and try on the tank top again to ensure the new shortened straps are the right length.

Working with Performance Fabrics

LYFTLYFE activewear uses high-quality performance fabrics designed to wick moisture, stretch, and breathe during any activity. When hemming technical fabrics, be sure to use the appropriate needles and thread tension on your sewing machine.

Performance fabrics ensure that all our tank tops can handle the rigor of your workouts time after time.

We recommend a slightly longer stitch length to allow stretch. And be sure to use a surge stitch or zigzag stitch so the seams don't unravel.

Sewing Activewear

For best results, we recommend using a sewing machine to stitch your new tank top strap hems. This will create a cleaner edge that won't fray over time.

Set your machine to a narrow zigzag stitch appropriate for stretch fabrics. Sew the shortened straps using a reinforced stitch like triple straight or zigzag.

Take care not to stretch the fabric as you sew. Gently tug the strap flat as the fabric moves under the needle.


Shortening the straps on your tank top is easy to do at home with just a few basic supplies. Follow our guide to customize the fit of your activewear for a comfortable workout-ready look.

Carefully measure and trim the straps to your ideal length. Use appropriate needles and thread tension for performance fabrics. And reinforce the new shortened edges with zigzag or triple straight stitching.

With that, we’ll restate that if the straps on your LYFTLYFE tank tops are too long or too short, we’ll happily work with you to help you find the right size. Adjusting the straps of your tank tops or gym stringers at home can shorten the useful life of your tank tops.

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